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Pomodoro application

This version will automatically update (now set to background updates). 

It may need to update your .Net framework, it will do this automatically.

Recently added site blocking via Privoxy - check out Site Blocking with Privoxy and Pomodoro.


Pomodoro is a work technique that is best described here: http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/

I've found it very helpful, and while there are a few pomodoro software applications none suited my working style - some were too distracting, some lacked features and some were overly complicated (I don't want to fill out a page full of details just to start working on something!).

So I wrote my own, it features two progress bars for quick visual of how you're doing, plus a countdown and alert options. It's basic so far but it's already eclipsed the other products for my personal use and I'll be adding more features in the near future. I hope you find it as handy as I do!

Currently implemented:
  • Customisable work sets, including break time and a longer rest after a configurable number of sets
  • Options for:
    • Always on top
    • Alerts for the completion of a timed period
      • A sound notification
      • A popup notification
  • Allows you to indicate you're still working before starting a break, or restart a break or work period if you get sidetracked
  • Taskbar progress indication, including flashing at the end of a period
  • Blocking of sites during work periods - please see Site Blocking with Privoxy and Pomodoro

To add:
  • Customisable alert sounds
  • Time tracking - the ability to record information on the jobs you've been working on
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the application, feedback is always welcome.